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Team Racing

Diamondback Motocross has a tradition of innovating new ways of racing, to keep the sport fun and exciting for the riders and the spectators.  The Diamondback Dealer Shootout is just that, and exciting, and surprising to say the least.

Teams developed by companies, sponsors, or riders who team up on their own can participate in this event.  This event is for bragging rights, cool swag and some awesome prizes.

Prior winners of this event are Big Boyz Toys (Motorcycle Dealer), NEMER CJDR (Car Dealer), B. Devries & Sons Concrete (Contractor), so who will it be this year??

What classes are eligible?

Diamondback has 8 categories of riders you can use.

  1. (1) PeeWee 50cc Rider
  2. (1) 65cc Rider
  3. (1) Mini Rider 85 or 100cc
  4. (1) Women Rider
  5. (1) Novice Rider
  6. (1) Amateur Rider
  7. (1) Expert Rider
  8. (1) Vet Rider (25+)

Who can sign up?

Any rider racing on Sunday in any class can sign up on a team.  The teams MUST be set up in advance prior to the the start of the 1st Moto on Sunday, October 12th, 2019.

What does it cost?

UPDATE: Simply purchase a Weekend wristband ($15) and an Open Practice wristband ($30) and join a team.  Make sure you fit into a class that is eligible for entry.  Sign up on the list at the Front Gate.

How does it work?

Team riders will be scored by results earned in Saturday’s event.  Highest Points win.

Awards will be given to the Top 3 Teams, all 8 positions.

Other awards will be given for on track actions but we can’t tell you what they are!  

Some Scenarios

MX Drag Race

  • Name the time, win the race, it’s that easy!

Black Jack Anyone?

Starting position determined by the deal you have been dealt! 

Worlds Slowest Race

Slowest rider wins!  Must not put any feet on the ground once bike is moving.

Prizes and Awards


  • Top three teams will receive the Chrome Plated Diamondback Dealer Shootout award for all 8 riders.
  • The Winning Team will also get their team name  and riders names on the ONLINE WEBSITE Diamondback Perpetual Diamond Award.


  • All Team Racers will receive the Diamondback Dealer Shootout Sticker for their bike.
  • Shootout Prizes from our great sponsors!

Event Sponsors

Performance Recreation of NY

Diamondback Dealer Shootout Champions







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